Over the years, I've been fortunate and thankful to have had the opportunity to create animation in a variety of different styles. I have enjoyed the creative challenges that each style brings to the production process. It has allowed me to grow as an artist and animator. Here are a few video samples of the different types of animation I've created for movies, episodic series, advertising, educational content, music videos, explainer videos, and PSAs. 

Spy Optic Happy Series - A spot created for Spy Optic sunglasses. I designed and animated all of the characters and props and provided all of the character compositing.

The Little Rascals Save the Day - I had the pleasure of animating the title sequence for the film. I designed and animated all of the characters, BGs, and props. Directed by Mark Simon and Alex Zamm. Contracted through A&S Animation and Universal Studios. All Copyright Universal Studios.

Axe Cop S2 - I had the opportunity to create some  special poses  for season 2 of Axe Cop to aid in key animation. Copyright Fox Broadcasting Company

NFP, B2B, B2C Videos - I've also animated many videos for commerce, like this one for Epipheo and their client, Medici.

For more videos visit:

FTC spots - Here's one in a series of award winning spots I animated for FTC - in collaboration with John Lemmon Films and the Brandon Agency.

OUYA Spot - This "edgier" spot was created in a style similar to Superjail. I created the character and BG designs and provided some of the key poses for animation. Contracted through Mightypants Media and directed by Tony Grillo.

Protect Don't Infect - I created all of the characters, BGs, and animation for this award winning PSA. It was comissioned by the Orange County Health Dept. to bring awareness to the importance of certain hygene practices to prevent the spread of germs. It's a combination of animation and live action segments. Contracted through A&S Animation and Omni Productions.

Alphabets and Phonics - Created designs and animation for many alphabet and phonics videos for the Super Simple Learning Channel. For more videos, please visit:

HarmonQuest - A few of the many scenes I animated for season 1 of HarmonQuest. I was one of the lead animators on the project. Some of scenes in this demo are in a pre - color stage, except for some of the head rigs. Animation was created using ToonBoom Harmony. All Copyright Starburns Industries.

Jamil and Jamila Channel - Created a few fun animated videos for this new YouTube channel. For more videos visit:

Irvine Auto Center TV Spot - One of a series of spots I animated for Irvine Auto Center. Contracted through Flinch Studio and directed by Tony Grillo.

Tiger Checking spots - One of two spots I animated for Tiger Checking in the style of the old Pink Panther animation. Contracted through A&S animation and directed by Mark Simon.

Med Ed - This is one of 4 videos I created for MedEd4Kids. They're animated segments that are part of a longer live action show to educate younger children about the human body.

Silly Songs - I created this animated video titled "Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?" for the folks at Super Simple Learning. It is probably the most popular video I've ever done, with over 500 million views since it first debuted in the fall of 2013. This is one of a few song videos I animated. For more videos like this, please visit:

Creativity Express - This is one of many videos that I created characters, BGs, and key character poses for. It's a series of art instruction videos for children. The project took inspiration from the early Disney Toot Plunk Whisle and Boom style developed by Ward Kimbal.

Fuser spots - This is one of 3 spots I created for Fuser in collaboration with Flinch Studio. It was done in a "boiling line" stick figure style.