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Storyboards & Animatics

It all starts with storyboards and animatics! Here are a few samples of the animatics that I've had the pleasure to create.

Josey's Dimples & Divot - This is an animatic for the show's title song. The show's creator is Jenn Jones. Animatic direction by Mark Simon and Cameron Kim Dawson.

iWAVE- I created this animatic for Epipheo and their client iWave. It was for an animated explainer about the companies fund raising capabilities. I also created the assets and animation for the video.

Josey's Dimples & Divot - This is a sizzle demo animatic that I created for a show pitch. There is a nod to "The Musicman" in the animatic. The show's creator is Jenn Jones. Animatic direction by Mark Simon.

No Problem Too Big - I created this animatic for a video that is a mix of CG animation and live action. Contracted through Animatics & Storyboards, Inc. The animation was done by Orlando based Animill for a recruiting presentation for SMU's Lyle School of Engineering targeted at middle/high school girls to raise awareness that engineering is not only for guy mechanic geeks, but all people with a knack for science and technology.

King Douglas - I created this fun animatic for an animated music video for Spindo TV. We worked in collaboration with Mighty Pants Media.

The Key - The Key is an anime-style animated film written and directed by Mark Simon for Toon Boom. This anime short showcases all the great effects in the Toon Boom software while giving you great action and a few chuckles.

Dj and the Fro - An animatic I created for the MTV series DJ and the Fro. The entire scene plays out with a locked camera.

Luke and Reece Save the World - A fun animatic I did for an episodic series. Created by Jeanne Simon and directed by Mark Simon. Delusional toddler twins, Luke and Reece, star in their own animated series about how they save they their scientist mom from bad guys using their ninja skills.

Bim and Bam - This animatic was created as a promotional trailer for an animated series set in the Caribbean about the adventures of siblings Bim and Bam. I worked in collaboration with Everything Slight Pepper and Trinitoons.

Let Me Dream - I created this animatic for a children's animated music video for LoopDLoop Kids. It was contracted through Perfect Legacy, LLC.

All copyright Perfect Legacy, LLC

Enchanted Thyme - ENCHANTED THYME, is a comic fairy tale adventure TV series based on the award winning books by Ariane Smith. I created this animatic for the pilot episode. It was contracted through Animatics & Storyboards, Inc. and directed by Mark Simon.

Rainy Days - This fun animatic was created for Nayla Media. It was for an animated children's music video. I also, designed and animated the video. All Copyright Nayla Media.

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